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Entira Family Clinics: Our History

Maplewood/Battle Creek Clinic Celebrates 50 years!

The Entira Family Clinics-Maplewood/Battle Creek location has been treating local families for 50 years.  Their 50 year old philosophy of treating all patients with respect and accepting almost all insurance types still exists today. 

On July 1, 1963, the Entira Family Clinics-Maplewood Battle Creek Clinic location opened as the Johnson Clinic by Drs. Guy Johnson and Robert Johnson (not related). Dr. Guy Johnson (35 years) and Dr. Robert Johnson (25 years) started their practices at the end of the baby boomer era.  Throughout their long tenure at the Maplewood location, they delivered hundreds of babies and delivered the children of many of those babies as well. There are many 4 generation families and a couple of five generations that still come to Maplewood/Battle Creek for their care!  Both Drs. Johnson felt it was a privilege to be involved in family medicine and the wide variety of patients it serves.

There have been many changes over the years including the name of the clinic, but it has always remained independent. The clinic has not been bought out by any large hospital or insurance organization like many family clinics.  After about 15 years, it became the Afton Road Clinic for 30 years and then Minnhealth Clinic. In 2008, they merged with East Metro Family Practice and became Family HealthServices Minnesota until 2012 when they changed their name to Entira Family Clinics.

One of the bigger changes is that doctors no longer smoke with their patients in the exam rooms during patient visits (Think Mad Men)! Luckily, they stopped that about 30 years ago.

Today, the providers at Entira Family Clinics-Maplewood/Battle Creek still see patients of all ages from the youngest patient at 1 month old to the oldest patient at 101 years old. It has been a small neighborhood clinic that has many long term employees who know patients by name.  They no longer deliver babies at this office, but several of their Entira Family Clinic partners nearby still deliver babies. They are able to provide care to family members of all ages and they still actually make a few home visits. They work together with many specialists, hospitalists, home nurses, physical and occupational therapists and chiropractors to provide comprehensive medical care.

There are currently 5 family physicians (4 with over 20 years of experience) and one physician assistant at this office. It is our pleasure and a privilege to be part of the medical community caring for a wide variety of patients.

Please read the many positive patient comments from a recent survey about the care they have received at Entira Family Clinics/Maplewood/Battle Creek.

“Since 1983 have had excellent care from a doctor at this office.”

 “Our doctor always provides care in a very respectful way…. always willing to answer questions, never hurries up the visit.”

 “My provider is always caring, informative and AWESOME!!”

 “Our provider is…outstanding …demonstrates a genuine concern for me and my health: I never feel rushed and answer all my questions and is very, very thorough.”

 “Our provider is the best one I've had yet... always makes me feel welcome and listen to all my concerns”

 “Our entire family feels confident in our provider and others at the Upper Afton office.”

 “… has been our family doctor for 33 yrs.”