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5/16/17 Dr. Ryan Dick shares tips on how to get tested and what treatment is like for Lyme Disease.  View Story

4/10/17 Dr. Ryan Dick discusses ways to deal with seasonal allergies.  View Story

3/21/17 Dr. Terri Wollan discusses the importance of a colonoscopy.  View Story

1/30/17  Dr. Ryan Dick discusses The Truth Behind Health Headlines.  View Story

12/8/16 Dr. Ryan Dick talks about Sleep Apnea misconceptions. View Story

11/4/16 Dr. Terri Wollan from our Vadnais Heights Clinic discusses Type 2 Diabetes misconceptions. View Story

10/27/16 Dr. Lori Bethke from our Vadnais Heights Clinic talks about the differences between postpartum depression and the baby blues. View Story

9/15/16 Dr. Ryan Dick from our Highland Clinic talks about childhood obesity and what we can do about it. View Story.

8/11/16 Dr. Bethke talks about the benefits of breastfeeding and supporting ALL new moms with Elizabeth on Twin Cities Live. View Story. 

7/22/16 Dr. Terri Wollan talks about those important back-to-school check-ups with Elizabeth and Steve on Twin Cities Live. View Story.

6/16/16 Dr. Ryan Dick from our Highland Clinic discusses toddler milestones on Twin Cities Live with Elizabeth and Steve.View Story.

5/13/16 Dr. Terri Wollan from our Vadnais Heights Clinic discusses what you need to know about Osteoporosis...May is National Osteoporosis Month. View Story.


12/13/2016 Entira Family Clinics Offers Cold Prevention Tips on KSTP. View Story

11/09/16 Entira Family Clinic discusses the importance of a Pre-Op physicals on KSTP. View Story

11/01/16 It's not too late to get a flu shot. View Story

10/25/16 Entira Family Clinics discusses healthy fall activities.View Story.

10/4/16 Entira Family Clinics discusses fall mold allergies and tips to reduce the impact. View Story.

9/27/16  Dr. Mark Bogel from our North St. Paul Clinic discusses Childhood Obesity and one of the tools used to help beat it.View Story.

9/20/16 Now that school is back in session, providers are seeing more cases of strep throat. View Story.

9/13/16 Watch out for bees and wasps this time of year. View Story.

8/23/16 On KSTP news, Entira Family Clinics offers ways to make your fair visit safe. View Story.

8/16/16 Be aware of Lyme disease symptoms. View Story.

8/9/16 Dr. John Barsanti discusses the benefits of breastfeeding. View Story.

8/2/16 A reminder from Entira Family Clinics on Concussions as the fall high school sports season gets under way.  View Story. 

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Twin Cities Live

4/28/16 Watch Dr. Lori Bethke from our Vadnais Heights Clinic discuss Asthma on Twin Cities Live! View Story.

3/24/16 Dr. Ryan Dick from our Highland Clinic talks about National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month and the importance of being screened. View Story.

2/19/16 Dr. Terri Wollan from our Vadnais Heights Clinic discusses the screenings for cervical, breast and colorectal cancers, and osteoporosis. View Story.

1/7/16 Dr. Lori Bethke from our Vadnais Heights Clinic talks about starting the new year with health and wellness goals that include: reducing your stress, being more active and eating healthier. View Story.

KSTP News Interviews

7/19/16 Dr. Mark Bogel talks about tips for staying cool during the heat wave. View Story.

7/12/16 Entira Family Clinics discusses summer rashes. View Story.

6/28/16 Entira offers Fireworks Safety Tips on KSTP. View Story.

6/21/16 Entira Family Clinics shares summer skin care tips. View Story.

6/7/16 Entira Providers Give Tips on Burn Treatments. View Story.

9/8/14 Lessons from National Physician Leadership Seminar on Total Cost of Care

3/10/14 Dr. Dave Thorson, Physician at White Bear Lake-Banning, explains how he and his colleagues prefer electronic records over paper charts in the StarTribune's article, Electronic Records: A hard pill to swallow for some doctors.