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Express Clinic - Oakdale

Address: 7180 10th St. N.
Oakdale,  MN 55128
Appointments: No Appointment Necessary

Monday - Sunday

7 am - 7 pm                


Express Clinic - Oakdale


Located inside the Oakdale Hy-Vee store

Providing convenient walk-in treatment and consultation for many conditions in 
patients 18 months and older at a reasonable cost.

If you have questions regarding the care we provide you can call the Express Clinic at 651-242-5890.

Conditions treated at the Express Clinic 

Minor Illnesses Skin Treatments
●Cold or cough
●Nasal congestion
●Flu-like symptoms
●Ear pain or swimmer's ear
●Pink eye
●Sinus symptoms
●Urinary tract infection
(in females over the age of 12)
●Eye irritation

●Skin infections
●Cold & canker sores
●Wart treatment
●Poison ivy

Minor Injuries Wellness, Tests & Screenings
●Burns (minor)
●Insect bites
●Splinters removal
●Wound check
●Suture / staple removal

●Sports physicials
●Camp physicals under age 18
●Ear wax removal
●Blood pressure checks
●Flu vaccines
●Hepatitis A
●Hepatitis B
●Tdap (tetanus/pertussis)
●TD (tetanus)
●Mantoux (TB skin test)


Treatment cost ranges from $89 to $115

Most health Insurance plans are accepted