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Back-to-School Check-ups and Immunizations

By Entira Family Clinics

While July sits at the peak of your child’s summer break, it’s only a month away from when you send your child back to school. As you buy new school supplies and reorganize the carpool, don’t forget to schedule a back-to-school check-up for your son or daughter. Summer gives you the extra time to see your provider and fill out the forms your school district might require before the school year starts.

As a group of family-oriented medical providers, Entira Family Clinics knows what is needed to prepare your child for going back to school. Here is a checklist you should use to ensure your child’s back-to-school health check gives them the medical care they deserve.

1) Update Your Child’s Immunizations

It’s important to ensure your child has the latest vaccines. Vaccines are all expertly tested for safety. They not only keep your child safe from serious diseases, but they also protect other children who can’t receive vaccines due to serious health issues.

2) Meet School and Sports Requirements

Most schools ask you to submit medical information. Also, many sports teams have requirements that your child has to meet to participate.

A back-to-school check-up isn’t just for grade school kids and adolescents. If you have a college-bound child, he or she may have even more comprehensive medical requirements to meet.

3) Check Your Child’s Medical History

As your child grows, your provider keeps track of their weight, height, hearing, vision and more, they develop a medical history that a provider can track and evaluate. Changes can occur with their weight, vision, hearing, and mental and emotional state at any time. If problematic patterns show up, your provider can check them out before a more serious condition can develop. It is important to inform your provider of your family’s health history as well.

 4) Encourage a Healthy Lifestyle for Your Child

Annual checkups serve as a reminder for good nutrition, proper sleep, and enough exercise both for yourself and your child. These great habits can dramatically change your child’s health going forward, so it’s important that your child develops healthy habits now. Talk to your provider about what goals you and your child should set to maintain his or her health.

Your provider can be a great resource for starting the school year. If your child needs a back-to-school health check, come to one of our clinics in the St. Paul, MN area. 

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