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Diabetes Education in St. Paul MN

Diabetes Education

Entira Family Clinics provides Diabetes Education to their diabetes patients Monday through Friday (days vary per clinic). Entira offers group classes to patients newly diagnosed with diabetes and individual sessions as needed. We also offer updated refresher courses for all diabetics.  You will be signed up during your clinic visit. In addition to the diabetic educators, we have Health Care Home RN’s and Care Manager’s that may assist with your diabetes. 

The classes are conducted as group sessions, with 1-5 participants.  Most insurance plans, including Medicare, will cover all or part of diabetes education classes, up to a specified number of hours.  We recommend that before attending classes, you check your insurance benefits to determine your financial responsibility, if any.  If classes are covered by your insurance, your usual co-pay and deductible may apply. Please call 651-788-4444 to set-up your session.