Medical Examinations in St. Paul MN

Miscellaneous Medical Examinations

Entira Family Clinics provides medical examinations for the following:

Occupational Health & Worker’s Compensation

Entira Family Clinics providers treat injured workers, providing fast, expert and compassionate care with timely reporting and return to work information. In addition, we provide pre-employment physicals with drug testing to establish workers’ abilities to safely perform this work.

Please click here to access Worker's Compensation form and Motor Vehicle/Liability form.

Department of Transportation (DOT)

Entira Providers are certified to perform DOT examinations at all 12 clinic sites.

Please click here to access the DOT Medical Examiners Certificate.

FAA Physicals (2nd  and 3rd  Class)

In order to continue flying safely, all certified pilots must undergo regular medical examinations, known as flight physicals.  FAA flight physicals are offered by a former FAA flight surgeon and Certified Aviation Medical Examiner at the Entira Family Clinics-Maplewood/Battle Creek Clinic.