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Finding Answers Through Diagnostic Tests in St. Paul MN

On-Site Services

For the convenience of our patients, we offer a number of diagnostic tests, services and office surgeries within our clinics.  Not all services are offered at all clinics so refer to the link for clinic location.

Our On-site Services include:

  1. Lab
    1. In-house lab testing
    2. Blood draws (Fasting instructions)
  2. Radiology
    1. X-ray
    2. Echocardiograms
    3. On-site Mammography in conjunction with CDI
    4. DXA Scans (Bone density)
  3. Immunizations
  4. Holter Monitoring and 30 Day Event Monitoring
  5. Office Surgery
    1. Circumcisions
    2. Cryotherapy
    3. Dermatology procedures (excision of lesions, biopsy)
    4. Fracture care and casting
    5. Laceration repair
    6. Vasectomies

Lab and x- ray test results are integrated into our electronic medical records, so they are available to any Entira provider you see. You can also have access to your lab and x-ray results on our Patient Portal. To enroll in the Patient Portal, you need to visit one of our clinics in person. The front desk will be able to provide you with a username and temporary password. (This is required due to HIPAA Regulations and our patient privacy practices.)  This coordinated system of having all diagnostic tests available within the patient record ensures optimal care for our patients.

After having lab work done, the following flyers may help you understand your results: Understanding your Test Results and Understanding your Cholesterol Results.