Echocardiograms in St. Paul MN

Echocardiograms are performed at the following Clinics by referral from your provider:

If you have an echocardiogram scheduled, please fill out this form prior to your visit.

What’s the difference between an echo and an MRI?

An echocardiogram is an ultrasound that can be done in the convenience of your provider’s office. A patient does not have to lie inside of a scanner and there is no sedation required.   

What’s the difference between an echo and an x-ray?

An x-ray uses low dose radiation to view bone structures. An echocardiogram is an ultrasound to view the function of the heart. They both can be done in the clinic.   

Is an echocardiogram expensive?

Since every insurance plan is different, we advise you to call and check on your coverage. Our business office will be happy to assist you with any questions. Your provider would refer you to have an echo for different reasons.

Here are some responses to a recent patient survey about Echocardiograms done at Entira Family Clinics:

“I sure do appreciate the convenience of the location and for this procedure.”

“I was nervous prior to the procedure, all was explained well and helped to put me at ease, thank you!”

“Great service and personnel!”

“I think the gal who did my test was extremely nice, professional, and informative, she gets a 10 plus!”

“He was great, answered all my questions, very polite.”