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Comprehensive Women's Health Care in St Paul, MN

Women's Health


Entira Family Clinics provides comprehensive medical care for women of all ages.  Whether you are worried about your first period or have long since stopped, we can address your medical concerns.  Our Women’s Health services include but are not limited to:

·         Reproductive care

·         Family planning including obstetrics and gynecology care

·         Hormonal concerns

·         Menopause related issues

·         Pelvic pain

·         STI screening

·         Menstrual irregularities

·         Sexual function concerns

·         Urinary tract concerns

·         Acute care

·         Chronic disease management 


We offer preventive health exams with routine gynecologic screening and vaccinations.  Additionally, we perform advanced diagnostic testing procedures including colposcopy and endometrial biopsies for evaluation of gynecologic problems.


Two of our clinic sites provide mammography, breast ultrasounds, and breast biopsies in conjunction with CDI, and DEXA scans (for osteoporosis screening).  These can be done at our North St. Paul and West St. Paul locations allowing you to complete your screening and additional testing, if needed, in a single visit.  Talk to the referral coordinator at your clinic to have this scheduled.


We offer a wide range of family planning services including pre-conception counseling, birth control options, infertility evaluation, and obstetric care.  There are multiple options available for contraceptive management including:

·         Depo-Provera injections

·         IUD (intra uterine devices) insertions

·         Nexplanon implantation which can be done in the office.


If your primary provider does not perform one of these services, they will be able to coordinate your treatment with another Entira provider to meet your needs and complete your care.


If you are considering becoming pregnant or are pregnant, please refer to the Pregnancy, Labor, and Delivery page for more information.