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At Entira Family Clinics, we provide individualized medical care to every member of your family.

We’ve practiced in the St. Paul area since 1963, and we care about this community. That's why we're happy to have 12 family clinics in the St. Paul, MN metro area. You can choose to visit a clinic in a location that's most convenient for you.

Our providers and staff care about our patients. Together, we try to help them become their healthiest. We pride ourselves in providing excellent medical care and improving our patients' well-being.

We have a special emphasis in the following areas of care: obstetrics, newborn care, pediatrics, geriatric care, and family medicine. Our goal is to provide primary care for our patients throughout their lives. We have patients at every stage in life, from the newly born to the richly experienced.

We also provide more specialized services, such as behavioral medicine, sports medicine, laser treatment, and DOT examinations.

Give us a call at 651-788-4444 today to make an appointment at the clinic nearest you.


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